Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bonus for the Laser Masters

Those of you who are planning to go to Hyères for the Laser Masters and can spare a day or 2 before the races start on 5 October should seriously consider taking a day excursion to St. Tropez and catch a bit of an amazing regatta -  Les Voiles de St Tropez.  Its last 2 days of racing are 3 and 4 October which are registration days for the Lasers.

This is a regatta which brings together 300 boats - split between classic and modern.  Take a look at the Regatta website and drool over the beautiful J class, JI class and others.  St Tropez is only about 40 Km from Hyères although you will need a car since St Tropez has no train station.

I realise that some of you dedicated types (such as you folks who have been spending a lot of quality time with your special hiking bench) may be too busy with last-minute training/practicing to consider this, but it should be a great opportunity to see something a bit different from Lasers.


  1. Now that sounds like a side-trip I'd make

  2. I'm not going to the Masters Worlds this year, although a lot of my friends are. For some reason I've lost the passion for this event after doing it half a dozen times. Not sure why, as I had some very good times at most of them.

    Maybe next year I will feel differently…

    How about you KR? Are you going?


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