Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Great App

I have discovered what looks to be a really fabulous app for sailing -  and it is free.

Go to and check it out.

All you need is a smartphone - either Android or Iphone (or Ipad) and you can get a great track of your race or wherever you go.  A GPS also works.  Blackberries don't work.

I tried it today with my Ipad (in a waterproof covering) strapped to the front deck of my Laser with a bungee cord and it worked beautifully - with my track accurately recorded and with different colors for my speed - my top speed was 10 knots on a reach.

Then you can upload the track to the RaceQ website (free) and do all kinds of neat stuff with it. I am sure I have a lot to learn about the possibilities, but even on the first day, I am pretty excited about it.

If other sailors were in the same area at the same time (like during a race) and have also uploaded their tracks, then all show together.  There are avatars for each boat and, if you fix the phone or Ipad to your boat, you can get all kinds of neat info on what you did, with a 3D boat. (I am still trying to figure out how to get the big keelboat to look more like a Laser - but even I can't, still a cool app.)

I hope I can convince a number of sailors in our club to do this and then we can see our races afterward.

And the same folks have some very interesting training videos based on some of the races uploaded.

Give it a try.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

What is it?

I was in Brittany last week, revelling in the beautiful scenery and cool weather.    I went out 3 times in my yacht, below,

but unfortunately, the wind was never over about 10 knots in puffs and even less on average.  This meant I had to be very attentive to the tide and not get caught.   On the last day, I could make no headway at all against the tide and had to paddle back. 

Fortunately, the lovely scenery included several of the classic American boats of the same owner who took me for a sail last year in his American scow.   His latest acquisition is pictured below - I have photoshopped over the sign on the boom which identifies it.

Do either of my readers know what it is?  Hint - it is an American design and the original ones were all in wood dating from the time of the First World War. This one is a modern one with a fibreglass hull, but it is a faithful reproduction and still has lots of beautiful wood plus reproduction bronze deck hardware, including cleats, winch and tow bitt. The only modern fittings are a couple of jam cleats.

Bonus question - in what American museum is there a model of one ?
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