Monday, June 30, 2014

Just for Fun?

I wonder if it is really possible to go out for a sail just for fun?

Ramadan is here now and that means reduced office hours and lots of opportunities for taking a sail.  So, I went out this afternoon for a sail. I was the only one out and I told myself it would be just for fun. So, I did a couple of long broad reaches, just for the fun of it and then went down a channel between two islands with high rises on them - just for the fun of it.

But then, I noticed a couple of channel markers with some incoming tide swirling around them and thought, that might be fun to do a few roundings.  So, I did a couple of gybes around each, reaching between them, trying to correctly judge the tidal effect in rounding (and getting a streak of green on my gunwale from misjudging one),  and then a few more and soon strung together about 10. Then I thought - I need to try tacking around them and before I knew it I had done a similar number of tacks.  So, the fun turned into practice roundings - which was fun.

So, I guess this means that for me fun includes at least some practice.  I don't consider myself an obsessive competitor or an A type personality, but without the bit of work/practice and feeling of slight improvement, I would have probably been bored.

1 comment:

  1. Practicing, like sailing courses, is fun. Aimless day-sailing is boring. Like playing tennis without nets.


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