Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where Is It?

Since so many eminent bloggers post so many Where Is It quizzes, I offer the following.

Where is the above ?

Hint # 1 - A Japanese woman will be visiting next week.

Hint #2 - A Dutch man will be visiting next month.

Hint #3 - Eminent bloggers will be visiting after that.

Who are the visitors referred to in Hints 1 and 2 ?


  1. It's the Royal Opera House in Muscat.

    Madam Butterfly will be there next week and the Flying Dutchman will be there in May.

  2. Bravissimo. Apparently this one was not much of a challenge for esteemed bloggers.

    1. Tillerman is tough to fool with these challenges; I have to dig deep to keep him occupied for very long.

  3. Especially as the name of the jpg is rohm_night!


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