Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Everyday Seamanship

Here is a video of two men going out to their anchored ketch in a RIB at Pitcairn Island.  (Are they descendants of the Bounty mutineers?)  They needed to move their ketch to safer water.  After several attempts to climb aboard they succeed.

I enjoyed it as a look at everyday seamanship - not as dramatic as Olympic racing or extreme cats racing, although watching the boats disappearing behind the big swells certainly creates some suspense.  Just an honest look at mere mortals performing everyday seamanship.  Several of the comments criticised some aspects of their seamanship but it looked to me as if they perform a creditable job of launching the RIB in breaking surf and the older gentleman generally does a good job of steering up to the leeward side of the ketch and picking up his younger helper after each dunking.   Nothing hurried or panicked. Just taking care of business.

What are your thoughts about their seamanship ?

1 comment:

  1. I am panicked just looking at looks at one point like the young man's vest is loose and floating up around his ears - amazing he didn't either get knocked out against the boat or drowned, but yes, it does look like the older gentleman is good at going and fishing him out.


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