Saturday, June 2, 2012


You may not know it, but I am the world champion Laser helmsman of all time, including before the big bang and after the end of the universe.  To be more accurate, not simply the all-time champion of the world, but also the solar system, galaxy and all galaxies and the entire universe.  And not just the Laser, but all sailboats.

But, to be fair, the above statements apply to you also.

You missed that news flash?  If so, simply go to the seventh and eighth dimensions and all will be revealed.

I am not saying I really understand much of this, but as you aficionados of string theory know, all fundamental particles are simply vibrations (excitation modes) in 10 dimensions (unless you subscribe to the Bosonic theory which requires 26 dimensions).  What the hell does all that mean?

I found a fascinating website and animation that provide a way to try to conceptualise the idea of dimensions beyond our usual 3 dimensions.  Tenth Dimension Website and Tenth Dimension Animation

Mind-boggling stuff.  But, if I understand at least a little bit of what they are saying, we live in a world (or whatever it is) that is part of all possible permutations of beginning and end and causes and effects and all infinities and once one gets the hang of it, one should be able to go to any spot anytime anywhere.  So, for example, an out of shape, competency-challenged Laser sailor could jump to the spot where he is the galactic champion.

Sounds more efficient than doing drills, capsizing and practicing endlessly for minimal results.

See you on Mars or K-Pax, or wherever, in an excitation mode, where I will finish ahead of you, or vice versa.

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  1. I've had enough difficulty dealing with just three dimensions. People tell me I have no sense of the fourth.

    I've always admired people who can live in the fifth dimension, which I think is the one inhabited by the guys you make appointments with to come and work on stuff that is broken at your house.


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