Saturday, June 30, 2012

AC Graphics Wizard

I came across a NY Times video about Stan Honey. I did not know about him, although I have really appreciated the wonderful LiveLine graphics that are used for the live Americas Cup racing broadcasts, showing marks with the mark zone, lay lines, ahead-behind lines, etc which make watching them really understandable and enjoyable, plus the addition of electronic course boundaries which adds a new dimension that was not even possible before.  What is really amazing is that all this is done from the vantage point of the helicopter shooting the race live, with marks which are boats that can change position any time at the whim of the race director - all accurate to 2 cm.

For more, see this very interesting article for an insider's description of the wizardry onboard the America's Cup Committee Boat.  Also a Sailing Anarchy thread which includes some very useful videos in the middle.

Honey is the man behind all that, as well as other sports graphics.

His CV is jaw-dropping - he started in tech companies and then became a professional sailor - as navigator on ABN Amro One when it won the Volvo, as navigator on Groupama 3 when it set the 48 day circumnavigation record and is currently a consultant to Oracle One and Director of Technology for the Americas Cup.

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