Tuesday, May 1, 2012

IT is It

A banker with an MBA in Finance decides to leave the corporate rat race and make a living working on sailboats.  Not exactly an original story, even if most bankers (and the rest of us) rarely act on the idea.

But working on sailboats usually means the classic tasks associated with keeping a boat healthy and seaworthy.

In the case of one ex-banker, it means installing sophisticated IT systems on the type of sailboats where a typical charter might run $500,000 (plus food and fuel) so that the sailors (passengers?) don’t have to worry about losing internet connections while communing with the bounding main.

The ex-banker is pictured above on a spreader with some typical gear and according to a recent article, his typical shipboard network includes “a Kerio Control firewall, which he configures to filter and prioritize network traffic passing through the VSAT link. The firewall also provides antivirus protection and network monitoring, and a VPN connection that allows his company to perform remote maintenance and support.”

Not the same digital equipment I use on my Laser which is concentrated in my gloves, but it sounds sensible.

This got me to thinking and I sense a business opportunity if I play my cards right.  I wonder if I should approach this gentleman for an exclusive distributorship for the dinghy market.  Any thoughts on that, dear readers?  Class restrictions?


  1. GR8 line:
    "...digital equipment I use ... is concentrated in my gloves..."
    That's where my crew want mine! They threaten to throw my Speed Puck and Garmin overboard so often that I wake up from nightmares at 3am, screaming for them! If you are as old as Tillerman, you should be able to get VMG on your Laser!

  2. It is the "G" part I have trouble with - I make velocity just fine, but not always in the direction it should be.


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