Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Head Gear Redux

An astute reader, Tinkerci, solved for all of us the puzzle previously posted at Head Gear of what Jean-Luc, the Groupama navigator was wearing as he nobly stared off into the sunset or somewhere. He was sporting his Petzl E-Lite Emergency head torch, presumably with a long-range whistle that can signal one’s position for rescue and a SOS Morse code illustration on the whistle. 

Jean-Luc is not alone on Groupama in doing so, as the above photo attests. I don't know the name of this fellow gadgetophile, but clearly the Petzl E-Lite is a Groupama thing and wearing it in daylight seems to be part of the ritual (although those clouds in the background do look a bit menacing). 

Could it be something else entirely, cleverly disguised as a Petzl E-Lite? 


  1. I think it's a mood band.

    If it's pink, the grinder or helmsdude is thinking mellow thoughts.

    If it's yellow, they're thinking thoughts of love.

    If it's purple, they're really pissed about something, like maybe their foulies have sprung a leak or they've jammed a thumb in a winch.

  2. Head gear: On some boats, in some weather, I would consider hard hats. If offered.

  3. Practical surely, but you would not look nearly so stylish as these fellows.

  4. I use mine for keeping my snacks dry between races... and dazzling the competition when my sailing skills are somewhat lacking :)


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