Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Judging

I spent the last weekend at the Monaco Yacht Club for an ISAF Judging Seminar.

It was a great experience with excellent instructors and fellow geeks from 8 countries.

Needless to say the facilities were not your typical dinghy club. It's the multistory white building below.

It is certainly the nicest yacht club I have ever been in (and the only one I have been to with a jacket and tie required for dinner). And it has a superb bar with the bar in the shape of a famous Riva Aquarama.

We had lunches on a terrace overlooking the water and various cruise liners and yachts.

Quite interesting to see an Optimist regatta (the little white dots in the photo above) just behind a cruise liner and various posh yachts. 

I also visited the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium.  Both were very well done and worth the visit.  I especially enjoyed some beautiful jellyfish displayed in a soft blue light, pulsating slowly. And I saw what is probably the ugliest and deadliest fish in the world – a rockfish with venomous spines.  It is really hard to see against the bottom - two of them in the photo below. According to the information displayed, stepping on them or otherwise getting injected is fatal to 25% of human victims.  Yikes!

And another fish (I forget the name) is born a female and dies a male. Not sure about all the details but it brings the notion of transgender to a new level.

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