Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nifty Gybe

I happened to watch a video of Andrew Scrivan of XDLaser Sailing in light wind and noticed a gybing technique I have never seen before, although maybe some of you veterans have.

At about 7:28 you see him gybe by putting the tiller extension back under the falls from the boom end block and pulling them toward him, leaning back and grabbing them, pulling the boom over to gybe.

Nifty, although I can't see it happening in anything but light winds.


  1. Oh yes, it's a great technique - although I have only dared to try it in lightish winds. It's actually the easiest way to do a run to run gybe

  2. It is a very good technique for light winds, and not that difficult to learn. There's a decent video about it here. Paul Goodison also gives a description of it in his book, which is worth a look if you get the chance.


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