Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easy Quiz

This is a very easy quiz - whose boots are these and where are they?


  1. VOR Team Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (ADOR) returning to home port after Leg 2.
    Ian - Ian Walker
    SiFi - Simon Fisher
    Labrador - don't know

  2. I'd say a science fiction fan but as it happens the Volvo is in your town I'm guessing its a certain navigator.

  3. I said it was easy - well done.

    This is what I like about Abu Dhabi - world class events you can see up close. I was wandering around the stopover village and came across the team's boots drying out.

    Then I wandered over to the Boatyard where the teams repair things and chatted a few minutes with Sébastien Marsett - a Frenchman on the Alvimedica boat - who was redoing a headsail clew strop.


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