Saturday, May 24, 2014

For Men Laser Sailors Only

Has this ever happened to you?

You are hiking out in a nice breeze and suddenly you sail into a wind hole and you have to scramble back into the boat, sliding in as quickly as possible, grabbing onto something to pull on.

Then, suddenly, as you slide your bum inward, you lose all concentration as a sharp incipient pain between the legs warns you that you better tend to that issue. You squirm and shift your body to prevent further escalation and eventually think about steering the Laser again.

I assume I am not the only one with this issue. Or am I doing things so wrong that I get into this predicament?

How can it be avoided?  I have not encountered any discussion of the issue in the various Laser books.  Either those champions are too discrete to mention it or they have solved the problem. Are there special techniques? Special clothing?


  1. Check out Laser Sailing: The Rules especially Rules 4 and 5.

    #4 You sail a Laser because you like pain.
    The sooner you appreciate this fact, the happier you'll be.

    #5 Harden The Fuck Up.
    You should not need telling again.

  2. But seriously - a snug pair of Speedos underneath and a top layer of neoprene or airprene seems to do the trick for me. Hardly ever sail in normal shorts or swimsuit these days.


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