Saturday, February 22, 2014

Future Sailor

Struggling mightily in so many ways to keep up with Tillerman, I have finally made progress in one area, although it should have little effect on my boat handling skills.

I have finally become a grandfather!  Gabriel was born a few days ago and although I have not yet had the pleasure of making his acquaintance, I am already thinking about how and when I can take him out on a Laser and then introduce him to his very own Optimist.  Neither of his parents is a sailor so I am sure they will welcome my taking care of these critically important tasks for them.

What age is best to start him sailing ?  I quick look on Google tells me that most babies can sit up, and also hold a toy (tiller?) around 6 - 8 months - is that the right time, or should I wait a month or so when he will be able to hike a bit more?  How can I adjust the toe straps to accommodate his short legs?  Will the padding of his diapers be a help or hindrance to proper hiking?

How soon will he be able to sail faster than his grandfather?


  1. Congratulations. Being a grandfather is the best thing ever. Even better than Laser sailing.

  2. Well, I will say this: Grand children are better than any trophy you can win on the water.


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