Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oman Last Days

The Laser Masters in Oman are over and I am just thrilled at having been a part of it. It was great. If any of you have a chance to do one of these, grab it.

Fifth race day

The fifth race day was almost another carbon copy of the previous day, but with an even longer AP.  In fact, both the Grand Masters and Great Grand Masters Standard fleets got in only one race.  Once again, the unruly youngsters had general recalls which slowed things down.

In our only race I had a decent start and clean air. I tacked right once again and most of the fleet did likewise.  But I was having trouble dealing with the chop today - not sure why, since it was no worse than other days.  But my boat speed was decidedly off - I think I was not keeping the boat flat enough.

I watched Mark Bethwaite and could see that his settings were about the same as mine but that he was keeping the boat very flat. He kept his bum over the side constantly but was not hiking his trunk much.  He was not block to block, but not far from it.  Very little obvious body movement.  No doubt a lot of subtle stuff.

Final race day

Very light winds. Since we had to start the last race no later than 3 PM, we were sent out even though there was still not enough wind to race. We hung around for about an hour and finally go going, with the windward mark moved closer and managed to get in one race.

I got a good start and with the light winds was able to concentrate on keeping the boat flat. I did some sheeting in and out over the small waves and it helped. I rounded the top mark ahead of a couple of boats and had a decent downwind. One of the boats got slightly ahead of me, but I managed to overtake him before the leeward mark. From then on, I managed to finish ahead of 2 boats which meant I finished the regatta next to last - hooray,  I was not last! I was very pleased, but also realised how much work I have to improve for the first week next October in Hy√®res.

Then socialising in the evening after the awards ceremony.  The photo above with Neil, a new Aussie friend - both on the water and off.


  1. Well done. I think you enjoyed it in much the same spirit as I did on the occasions I went to the Masters Worlds (5 times I think.) Watching Mark Bethwaite's transom disappear into the distance and then duking it out with new friends at the back of the fleet was what it was all about for me too. Pleased to hear that I'm not the only one who can enjoy such masochistic pleasures.

  2. Congratulations on sailing your first Worlds! And not being last! Glad to hear you are planning to go to France so I'll finally get to meet you.


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