Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Off to Oman

I can hardly believe it - I will be driving to Oman in a few days with a colleague, towing 3 Lasers to the Masters Worlds.

Then out on the water in the wake of Robert Scheidt and so many super sailors from the Worlds and on the water with many world class Masters. I am amazed that I will be there.  A few years ago I would never have dreamed I would be doing this.   It has been through sheer luck - my age and sailing as part of the UAE - that I am able to go, but I will take it.

I will be in the Great Grand Masters class - the only category with no upper age limit, or as a friend puts it, the coffin class !

Hopefully all the storms are out of the system and Oman will return to the type of sea breezes that we experience in the UAE.

I have never participated in a national or international regatta other than those in the UAE and I will be absolutely thrilled to experience what a big regatta like this is all about.

Am I intimidated? Anxious?  Of course I am.  Improper Course blogger Doug who has been posting all week from Oman just posted that as Masters started to arrive early "7 of the first 9 to arrive were current or former world champions who have collectively won close to 40 world championships".  Wow, this is some serious business.  I will be seeing a lot of sterns. In the distance. 

And the physicality of it will be a real challenge for someone like me who is in decent shape but not in serious training. Six race days with 2 races each day of at least an hour each.  That is enough to tax anyone, let alone those in the Great Grand Master class. So, I will pace myself.


  1. Good for you. I'm sure you will have a blast. Don't be intimidated by all those former champions. The ones I have met are all very approachable and willing to answer questions from mere mortals. Above all..... have fun! And blog about it.

  2. Good luck! Find Doug and do some tuning up with him. Doug just told me that he talked with Scheidt the morning of the last race and when Doug ran into him after racing and congratulated him, Scheidt said he was glad Doug talked to him that morning and that he had brought him good luck. So even the best of the best will take the time to tell an old man he's special. Cool!

  3. Yes, but Robert was just being gracious. He's that type of person.

    Also, this will not be a 'boatspeed' event but rather a 'smarts' event. Brett told me yesterday about how he ducked someone, waited about 30 seconds, and the tacked. And was immediately 50 meters ahead of the guy. It's very shifty out there!

    I look forward to finally meeting you.


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