Saturday, May 4, 2013

Towing a Laser

This weekend I was driving a RIB with another fellow during our race and with a very strong tide flowing, I saw that one of the Laser sailors was getting very tired fighting against it.  I drove over to her and she asked if we could tow her part way back to where the tide was not so strong.  We did so without incident but I wonder if we used the best technique.

We had a tow rope on the RIB but didn't use it - we simply went alongside and as my colleague held her boat, we asked her to undo her main sheet and tie one end around the mast while we secured the other end to the RIB.  She remained in the Laser with the daggerboard down, leaning forward to be below the boom and she steered it.  We let out only enough of the towline to keep her in the calmer water behind our RIB.  When we reached a more sheltered area, she came alongside again and as we held her boat, she took back the main sheet and rigged it again and continued back to the club on her own.

Is there a better technique? Any suggestions?

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  1. Around the mast is the best for both being towed and towing any boats behind you. Keep the CB 1/2 up for the best stability (or 1/2 down if you're a pessimist).


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