Saturday, March 16, 2013

Was I OCS?

In a philosophical and non-mathematical way I am fascinated by the modern theories of quantum mechanics and relativity which I understand to be the 2 big theories of the ultra small and ultra large aspects of the universe. I previously posted an article about extra dimensions and a good website about imagining extra dimensions.  As noted, the obvious conclusion of studying the intricacies of string theory is that we live in a world that is part of all possible permutations of beginning and end and causes and effects and all infinities.

Today I ran across good lecture by Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf explaining - thankfully with cartoons and animations and no math - some of the theories about the big issues.

If I understood correctly, the basic idea is that space and time do not really exist in themselves - they are only emergent properties resulting from the quantum information on the surface of black holes.

I am sure that for most of my erudite readers this comes as no surprise and will seem rather obvious, but I must admit I was intrigued by the concept.

But, good grief - what does that mean for our reality?  Did that good start in my Laser did not really happen?

Even if it did happen (which it must have since, as I explained in earlier post mentioned above, this universe is only one of an infinite number of universes), if time really does not exist, how do I know I was behind the line at the start signal and wasn't really OCS?

Or if space doesn't exist, how will we even know where the start line is or when we enter the zone around a mark? Or when an overlap occurs?  Can anyone help with this?

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  1. Another example of quantum strangeness - what if two boats make contact with each other and they are both on starboard tack and both leeward boats with respect to the other? Who is right and who is wrong? Are they both right and both wrong? Can a boat be in both states of right and wrong at the same time?


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